Uxío Novoneyra

Category: Poet
Birth Date: 19th January 1930 († 30th October 1999)
Birth Place: Parada de Moreda - O Courel (Lugo)

He studied Secondary Education in Lugo and started to write poems. Then he moved to Madrid and started to study Arts. In 1951, he came back to Galicia and started his poetic production in Galician language. In 1962, he went back to Madrid again and worked in Radio and TV programmes. In 1973, he married Elva Rey and had three children.

 Work & Activities

In 1955, he published his first poetry book titled Os eidos, prologued by Ramón Piñeiro and later Elegías del Caurel y otros poemas (1966), Os eidos 2 (1974) with drawings by Laxeiro and Poemas caligráficos (1979), prologued by Raimundo Patiño. In 1981, in the collection 'Grandes Mestres', he published Os Eidos, which collects the poems from Os Eidos and Os Eidos 2. Some years later he wrote Muller pra lonxe (1986), Do Courel a Compostela , 1956-1986 (1988), Tempo de elexía (1991), Poemas da doada certeza i estrebillo premido entre as pálpebras (1994), Cemelio xaponés (1995) and Libro de Rotas/Ámeto mítico (postumous). We must also mention the stories O cubil de Xabarín (1991) and Gorgorín e Cabezón (1992).