Alfredo Brañas Menéndez

Category: Writer and political activist
Birth Date: 11th January 1859 (†22nd February 1900)
Birth Place: Carballo (A Coruña)

Although he was born in Carballo (A Coruña) his father moved to Cambados (Pontevedra) and Alfredo Brañas spent part of his childhood there. In Cambados he worked in favour of sailors. In 1869, he started Secondary Education in Santiago and some years later he took a degree in Law. In 1885, he was removed from his job as general Secretary at the University of Santiago. In 1887, he got a chair for Natural Law at the Oviedo University . In 1883 he got into the Bar in Santiago but he dropped out in 1889. Later he joined the Bar again.

 Work & Activities

His journalist facet is reflected in his collaboration with several newspapers such as El Eco de Santiago, La Gaceta de Galicia, El País Gallego or La Patria Gallega, where he would show aspects of his ideas and regionalist theory. We must also mention his poetry production. He wrote many poems both in Galician and Castilian language and got many prizes in different contests. He wrote Borradores de versos and La Eternidad, (1881), Lamento (1880), ¡Lembranza!, dedicated to Rosalía de Castro, Brindis a Maruxiña and Aire gallego. He developed a great political activity in favour of the progress of his political ideas. He gave a lecture in March 1896 titled Necesidad de la reorganiación gremial trying to prove how economic failures are due to the lack of Christian spirit in working people. His regionalist theory was picked up in magazines and newspapers such as El Regionalismo. Estudio sociológico, histórico y literario. His ideas and political action had a great impact in Catalonia. Brañas followed the evolution of regionalism in Catalonia trying to establish in Galicia documents and writings such as Las Bases generales del Regionalismo y su aplicación a Galicia, inspired by the Bases of Manresa and other documents.