Luciano Manuel Piñeiro Martínez

Pseudonym: Chano Piñeiro
Category: Cinema director
Birth Date: 12th October 1954 (†22nd March 1995)
Birth Place: Forcarei (Pontevedra)

He studied Pharmacy in Santiago de Compostela but cinema was his great passion and when he was still a child he also showed his interest in photography. He opened a chemist's shop in Vigo but he left it to devote himself to cinema and film shorts such as 'Esperanza', 'Camiño de estrelas' and 'Mamasunción' (this short tells the story of Mrs María Rosa, who everyday for four years fetches a letter that never comes.

 Work & Activities

In 1977, he wrote 'Os paxaros morren no aire', his first cinematographic script, which was awarded prizes in several contests. In Super-8 he filmed 'Eu, o tolo'. 'Sempre Xonxa' (1988), which was his first full-length film and the first one of the Galician cinema, was subsidized by the Xunta de Galicia (at that moment his playmate Xosé Luis Barreiro was the vice-president of the Galician government). As a writer he published Conversas co vento (1994), a compilation of his articles in press.

 Other Interesting Aspects

'Mamasunción', which was awarded many prizes in Galicia, the rest of Spain and abroad, can be considered as one of the basic shorts of the Galician cinema. This film was chosen to open the broadcasting of Galician TV in 1985. 'Sempre Xonxa' was a success in the festivals of Cannes, Montreal and Havana. He was awarded the Galician Criticism Prize and the Prize of Sciences and Arts (1985). He was also awarded a honourable prize of the Galician Association of Independent Producers in 1986. He was awarded the Medal of Galicia posthumously