Teo Quiroga

Pseudonym: Tequ
Birth Date: 26th October 1979
Birth Place: Pousada (Lugo)
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In 1981, he emigrated to Mexico with his parents. He studied Fine Arts (1994-1998) at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) and History of Art at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Since 1999, he lives and works in London teaching in the Ealing School of Art. He is a Galician artist known by his works with cybernetics and telematics. Since the 90’s he has devoted himself to art, technology and illustration.

 Work & Activities

In his first individual exhibition (London, 2004), in the Molton Gallery, he exhibited “Diagram Boxes”, iron, acrylic and glass transformable works which come alive thanks to cybernetics. He is an assistant member of the Institute of Computer Sciences (2008). Since 2000, he has been assistant Professor of Multimedia Art and Design in UCLA, School of Arts. He made expositions in the biennials of Venice, Mercosur and Electra (Paris). Since 2003 he has been the artistic director of ‘ELO’, the Galician vanguard art magazine. He illustrates books, articles and works by Manoel Toural in A Nosa Terra, Anais da RSEFQ, FCE...

 Other Interesting Aspects

Quiroga, T., Subramanian, L.: Towards the exploration of the producer-consumer problem (1991).
Williams, Q., Cook, S. and Quiroga, T.: A methodology for the study of 802.11 mesh networks (1996).
Quiroga, T.: Decoupling SCSI disks from the World Wide Web in systems (2005).
Quiroga, T.: The Influence of Permutable Algorithms on Software Engineering (2009).
Sleaz, J., Quiroga, T.: Empathic Symmetries for Symmetric Encryption (2009).