Manuel Torre Iglesias

Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: In 1941
Birth Place: Pontedeume (A Coruña)

He has been living in Las Rozas (Madrid) since 1966. It was in that year that he began to work for Spanish TV. He took a degree in Philosophy and has been working as a journalist in press, radio and television for thirty years.

 Work & Activities

As far as the radio is concerned, he created, presented and directed the programmes 'En Familia' (1975) and 'Tiempo de Vivir' (1976 - 82) in the radio station 'Radio Nacional de España-Radio 1' and 'Nuestros hijos' (1980) and 'Vivir para vivir' (1987 - 89), in 'Radio Cadena Española'. He also created and directed the following serials for TV: 'Escuela de Salud' (1976-79), 'Voces sin voz' (1981-82) and 'Usted por ejemplo' (1983-84) for the first channel of Spanish TV and 'Boa Saúde' and 'Meigas Fóra' (1990-95) for Galician TV. Since 1997, he has been directing and presenting the daily programme 'Saber vivir' in the first and the international channel of Spanish TV, which made him get important prizes such as: 'Amigos de la Tierra' Prize, the prize awarded by the Spanish Heart Foundation (1997-99), 'Instituto Danone' Prize to scientific and journalistic divulgation (1998) and the prize awarded by 'May' Publications to the best work about Sanity in the mass media (1999). Together with other writers, he wrote the following books: Comida Sana (it was a great success in 1999 and over 400000 copies were sold all over Spain), Mayores con Salud and the collection of books for the programme 'Saber Vivir' (Relajación para Saber Vivir, Cuerpo en forma para Saber Vivir). He also wrote many articles, reports and interviews for the following magazines: 'Blanco y Negro', 'Interviú', 'Salud Total', 'Natura' and 'Muy interesante', which was useful for him to carry out the serial 'Científicos Españoles'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Together with the Foundation to develop the Hepatic Transplant, he promoted the first Transplant House in Spain. For his journalistic activity, he got important prizes such as 'Ondas' Prize, 'Pro Human Rights' Prize and 'Joaquín Costa' Prize, among others. He is a member of the Press Association and the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Spanish Television.