Jesús Pimentel

Pseudonym: Cuchús
Category: Guitarist, arranger and composer
Birth Date: In 1959
Birth Place: Palencia

After hist first studies on classic guitar, first in Lugo with JOSÉ Mª HINOJO and then in Vigo with TOMÁS CAMACHO, he focused on another type of music (jazz, rock,...) and formed groups like NHU, BAIO ENSEMBLE or NOROESTE. It was in 1988, after attending a course with MANOLO SANLÚCAR, that he devoted himself to flamenco. Afterwards, he studied with ENRIQUE DE MELCHOR, MANOLO FRANCO, RAFAEL RIQUENI, JUAN MANUEL CAÑIZARES, PACO SERRANO, among others, as well as with MANOLO SANLÚCAR, who he considers his master.  

He took a degree in Traditional Music and specialized in flamenco guitar at the Music School of Catalonia (ESMUC).

In 1993, he recorded his first album and then moved to Madrid, where he combined his activity as a solo performer with singing and dancing. He has accompanied “EL FALO”, PACO DEL POZO, “EL KIKI”, “EL PESCAO”, MARÍA JUNCAL, ANDRÉS MARÍN, CONCHA JAREÑO, “LA TRUCO”, RAFAEL ESTÉVEZ, ALFONSO LOSA and formed part of important companies (CRISTÓBAL REYES, OLGA PERICET/MANUEL LIÑÁN, JOSÉ GRECO, ESPAÑA BAILA FLAMENCO, LOS VIVANCOS...).

He also collaborates with artists of others styles: SHARMILA SHARMA (India), NAYLA (the Lebanon), RASHA (Sudan), HISAKO HORIKAWA (Japan), LEONEL ALEAGA (Cuba), LANÓNIMA IMPERIAL, COMPAÑÍA DE ÓPERA DE MÉXICO, IMAXINA JAZZ ORQUESTRA, etc.

As a soloist or taking part in other groups, he has offered a lot of concerts in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco, Cape Verde, Mexico and Japan.

He has worked as a teacher in several public and private schools.

He has recorded about 30 albums as a soloist, projects of his own as well as collaborations with other musicians (ISABEL PANTOJA, LOS PIRATAS, SPIRITU 986, ALBERTO CONDE TRIO, EMILIO CAO, UXÍA, RAFAEL JIMÉNEZ “FALO”...). He has also recorded music for theatre, tuning, advertising and musical shows. He also participated in olver fifty TV programmes too.

His work has been reflected in specialized national and international press (GUITAR PLAYER USA, PASEO  -Japan-, EL GRAN MUSICAL,...) and in several books like “Historia-guía del Nuevo Flamenco” (Pedro Calvo and José Manuel Gamboa, 1994), “Historia de la Guitarra Flamenca” (Norberto Torres, 2005) and “Paco de Lucía en vivo” (Juan José Téllez, 2003), among others.

At the moment he is working as a teacher at the Profesional Music Conservatoire of Palma de Mallorca and preparing a new album (Sin Fronteras) with the collaboration of JORGE PARDO, OMAR ACOSTA, DIEGO ÁLVAREZ “EL NEGRO” and SUKDHEV MISHRA.

He has been a member of the SGAE for over twenty years, where he has registered about forty works of several styles.