Simón Rodríguez

Category: Architect
Birth Date: In 1679 (†In January 1752)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
 Work & Activities

He carried out his first work as a master builder in the works at St Félix de Solovio Church taht were finished in 1718. His first important work was carried out in 1718. In 1719, he designed the ground plan of St María de Dodro Church in Padrón (A Coruña). That same year he designed the façade of the gate house of St Clara Convent in Santiago, one of his most important works. On the orders of Marquis of Lozoya, he directed the works of quarters at La Cerca district in Santiago. In 1721, he designed the altarpiece of the chapel of La Concepción Brotherhood in Santiago's cathedral. From 1729 to 1737, he worked at St María de Conxo Convent in Santiago. He also designed St Francis Church in 1748. He also designed civil works such as the building of the Captaincy General and the Royal Court of the Galician Kingdom in A Coruña. The works started in 1748. In 1777, the Jesuits asked him to design the altarpiece of the Society of Jesus Church in Santiago and some years later that of St Luis Gonzaga and St Francisco de Borja Churches.