Ghaleb Jaber Ibrahim

Birth Date: In 1950
Birth Place: Einabus (Palestina)

He arrived in Galicia when he was seventeen and shortly after he started his studies at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). He took a degree and a doctor’s degree in Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela and a doctor’s degree in Journalism at the Complutense University (Madrid) in 2003. He also did an MBA.

 Work & Activities

Since 1984 he has been the president of Araguaney Group (Araguaney Hotel, founded in 1985, and CTV Audiovisual Production, which produces most of the programmes broadcasted on Galician TV). He is also the founder and president of Araguaney Foundation – Bridge of Cultures. This private cultural institution was created in 1984 to approach Spanish, Latin American and Arab cultures. Araguaney Foundation – Bridge of Cultures has been a member of the World Alliance for Cultural Diversity of the UNESCO since 2008.
Ghaleb Jaber is a faithful defender of equality among cultures. The war and political situation of his native country, Palestine, marked his career. He always write about these events in his usual articles in newspapers and books.
He wrote “Crónicas de una injusticia” (2002) and “Génesis de Israel” (2004).