José Francisco Real Castro

Pseudonym: Cheché Real
Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 7th November 1955
Birth Place: Lugo

He studied at Maristas School in Lugo and at Lucus Augusti Secondary School. In 1975, he moved to London to learn English and it was there that he got in touch with the hotel business.

 Work & Activities

Once he came back to Spain, exactly to Madrid, he worked in international transports, import and export and customs clearance, developing his work in the Customs of Barajas, Peñuelas, Abroñigal and Coslada. Ten years later, he came back to Lugo and opened a hotel business at Clérigos Street at the same time he took charge of Mesón de Pallares, a restaurant owning to his parents-in-law in Guntín (Lugo), he is running at the moment. In 1986, he entered the Provincial Association of Hotel Businessmen of Lugo, becoming a member of the board of directors in 1990. He was the vice president of the association for eight years and nowadays he is the president.