Pedro Antonio Sánchez Vahamonde

Category: Priest
Birth Date: 10th June 1749 (†4th October 1806)
Birth Place: Curtis (A Coruña)

When he was young, he enjoyed a scholarship to study at Fonseca School. Then he studied Rhetoric and Theology at University where he took a doctor's degree and was ordained as a priest. He filled the office of ecclesiastic judge. In 1783, he was nominated as prebendary and canon of Santiago's cathedral five years later. In 1795, he became a member of the Academy of History and honourable member of the Economic Society of Madrid. Together with Páramo and Somoza, he founded the economic society 'Amigos del País de Santiago' in 1784, being the president in 1789. Depending on the society, he created a Painting Academy in Santiago de Compostela, he promoted the creation of a road and helped poor students and founded a Greek Academy for those pupils that wanted to enter University. In 1806, he created a library with his own money, to which he destined his own library.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important works: Memoria anónima bajo el nombre de Antonio Filántropo sobre el modo de fomentar entre los labradores de Galicia los curtidos; Memoria sobre los ganados de Galicia, considerados relativamente a la Economía Política and Representación al inmortal rey Carlos III.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He defended the abolition of feudal structures so that society and economy could progress.