Senén Bernárdez Álvarez

Category: Pharmacist and politician
Birth Date: 24th May 1930 († 22nd january 2013)
Birth Place: Gomesende (Ourense)

He took a degree in Philosophy ('Comillas' University) and Pharmacy (Santiago de Compostela University). In 1955, he opened a Pharmacy in Padrenda (Ourense). In 1957, he entered the Corps of Pharmacists and in 1958, he moved to Ourense.

He was a member of the first Galician Parliament (he was elected deputy in 1981) and in 1983, he was nominated as Senator in representation of the Galician Autonomous Community. In 1986, he was elected deputy in Ourense for the political party 'Coalición Galega'. He was the president of 'Coalición Galega', being the first nationalist deputy after 50 years.

 Work & Activities

He published his parliamentary interventions in two volumes.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was elected president of the Association of Pharmacists of Ourense (1968-1981). During that period, he was a member of the General Council of the Association of Spanish Pharmacists. He was awarded the 'Golden Mortar' and the silver medal of the Pharmaceutical General Council. He was also awarded the brilliant badge of the Association of Pharmacists of Ourense. He was the president of the Sports Society 'Club Santo Domingo' and president of the Foundation of the University School of Ourense.