Antonio Quesada Porto

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 14th June 1932 (26th January 2015)
Birth Place: Ourense

He was one of the members of the group 'Los Artistiñas' from Ourense, which was protected by the writer Vicente Risco and affected deeply the Galician art during the 60's. Today, he is the most important landscape painter of the Galician painting and one of the great-consolidated names within the Spanish plastic scene.

 Work & Activities

He took part in the old National Exhibitions of Fine Arts and was finalist in the National Painting Prize. He made exhibitions in France, Sweden, USA and Portugal, as well as in the most important Spanish cities. He has recently been honoured with the selective exhibition of the cycle 'Grandes Artistas Gallegos' (Vigo), the selective exhibition in Caixa Ourense, the homage exhibition at the Museum in Ourense, 'Galicia, Terra Única' and 'Espello do Interior' (Xunta de Galicia). His work can be found in the most important Galician museums and art galleries: -'Quiñones de León' Museum (eight works). -Pontevedra's Museum - County Council. -'Museo do Pobo Galego' - City Council (Santiago). -Museum of A Coruña and 'Bello Piñeiro' Museum (Ferrol). -Ourense's Museum (two works). -'Museo de Toledo'- City Council- -'Caixanova' Collection (twenty works). -'Zona Franca de Vigo' Collection (six works). -Collections in the USA and Stockholm University, among others.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: -Gold and silver medals at the Art Biennial in Pontevedra. -'Tajo' Prize at the Second International Biennial of the Tajo (Toledo). -Special prize at the First National Painting Biennial (Zamora). -Medal of the First National Triennial of Fine Arts (Santiago). -'Quiñones de León' prize at the 'Rías Baixas' Contest of 'Castellblanch' Collection. -'Arte Xoven' Prize (A Coruña). In 1981, he became a member of the advisory committee that, under the patronage of Caixa Vigo and after two years of investigation, organised thirty exhibitions of the most important Galician paintings and the book Plástica Gallega. He promoted the future Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo. He is also honourable adviser of 'Quiñones de León' - Castrelos de Vigo Museum and has been a member of the foundation since 1982.