Ramón Rodríguez Ares

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 21st February 1940
Birth Place: Sada (A Coruña)

After studying vocational training, he was elected mayor in Sada in 1979. He was deputy from 1987 to 1995 and senator in A Coruña in the seventh session, representing the Popular Party. He is the first secretary of the Special Commission for the Prevention of Labour Risks and member of the Foreign Affairs and Science and Technology Commissions. He is also the local president of the Popular Party. He has been awarded several distinctions such as Diego de Osorio Medal (Venezuela), the Silver Medal of the Galician Centre of Buenos Aires, the Cross to the Naval Merit, the Gold and Brilliant Badge of the Galician Centre of Mexico, ‘Honorary Citizen’ of Buenos Aires, ‘honourable member’ of the ‘Casas de Galicia’ in New York and Spain in Newark, ‘honourable policeman’ of Newark N.J., Key of Newark, Knight of María Pita Order (A Coruña) and Knight of the Order of Jacob’s Way .

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: Sada en Venezuela, Sada, Perla de las Mariñas, Los hijos de Sada en América and Historia de Sada.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He likes hunting, writing and historical research.