Purificación Martul Vázquez

Category: Teacher
Birth Date: 13th November 1961
Birth Place: Lugo

She studied Teaching in Lugo and took a degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences at Santiago de Compostela University. She also got a diploma on Advanced Studies in the Faculty of History at Santiago University. From 1986 to 1991, she was a member of a pedagogical cabinet and teacher at the School of Familiar Guidance in 1987, pedagogue at 'Compañía de María' School from 1988 to 1990, director of the psycopedagogical cabinet at 'San José' School (1988-99) and adviser at 'La Asunción' School in Sarria from 1988 to 1990. Since 1990, she has been the head of the Education and Culture Department at the Museum in Lugo.

 Work & Activities

She has published the following books: Niños, County Council of Lugo; Sargadelos: un viejo cuento y una gran realidad, ?Do Castro? Publications; Los niños y los animales. El Mundo del Perro and several essays, journalistic articles and papers in conferences. As far as her research activity is concerned, she has been a member of the research team 'Estudios de Público y Exposiciones' directed by Dr Asensio at the Autonomous University in Madrid. She participated as rapporteur in the seminar 'Estudio de Público y Museos' which took place at the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid in January 1996. Together with Mikel Asensio, she carried out the papers 'Evaluación de la Sala de Sargadelos' and 'Estudio de recorridos del Museo Provincial de Lugo' at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao (XI Jornadas DEAC-MUSEUMS, October 1996). She organised the International Seminar 'Estudio de Público en Museos y Exposiciones' which was celebrated in the National Museum of Roman Art in December 1996. She also took part in the Seminar 'Estudios de Público' at the Autonomous University in Madrid (February, 1996) and coordinated the Seminar 'Estudios de Público' at 'Sargadelos' Gallery (Lugo) in November 1997.