Antonio Iglesias Álvarez

Category: Musicologist, composer and pianist
Birth Date: 1st October 1918
Birth Place: Ourense

He made concerts throughout several cities in Europe, America and Africa, being very successful. As a pedagogue, his activity spreads from Madrid to Tokyo (Master Classes) and over thirty books, which analyse the works of our most important pianists: Oscar Esplá, Joaquín Rodrigo, Federico Mompou, Rodolfo Halffter, Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz, Enrique Granados, Joaquín Granados, Joaquín Turina, etc. He created important music cycles such as 'Semanas de Música Religiosa' in Cuenca as well as 'Manuel de Falla' International Courses and the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada. He also founded the International University Courses ('Música en Compostela'), which he has been organising for twenty-five years.

 Work & Activities

He gave professional advice to the State Fine Arts Office, dependent on the Ministry of Education for many years and created personal cycles of concerts all over Spain improving the musical life of all the villages. From the musical point of view, he also gave professional advice to other organizations such as the summer courses in El Escorial, organised by Complutense University in Madrid.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a member of the following academies: 'San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts (Madrid), Galician Academy, Academy of Fine Arts (Madrid), Galician Academy, Academy of Fine Arts (A Coruña), 'San Jordi' Academy (Barcelona), 'Sta Isabel de Hungría' Academy (Seville), 'San Quircé' Academy (Segovia), 'Nuestra Señora de las Angustias' (Granada)and 'San Dámaso' Academy (Madrid). He got several Spanish and foreign decorations such as the one of 'Officier de'l Ordre des Arts et Lettres' (France) and the one of King Balduino (Belgium). Nowadays, he works for the newspaper ABC in Madrid as musical critic. He had also worked for many years as musical critic in the old newspaper 'Informaciones' in Madrid. He was elected as honorary citizen in Ourense and Santiago with a gold medal to the artistic merit.