Paulino Pérez Sánchez

Birth Date: 11th June 1907
Birth Place: Barbadelo – Sarria (Lugo)

He is reminded to be skill in all sort of manual works. When he was ten, he began to play the bass drum in the quartet conducted by his uncle since 1915. Shortly after, the group became a sextet called 'Vilei' and Paulino played the pipe. When he was only fourteen, he made his first instrument using a pedal wheel and other tools made by himself. From that moment, he combined the land work with his great passion. In the festivities in honour of St Antón, Avelino Pousa Antelo, who worked as a teacher at the school of Barreiros, prepared a surprise for Antonio Fernández, the founder of the school. Paulino played the pipe and they practised a small dance group. Antonio Fernández got excited and asked Paulino for two pipes, a drum and a bass drum for training a group of young people called 'Argalleiros de Barreiros' at the beginning of 1948. Antón de Marcos, who was a philanthropist, put Paulino in touch with Santalices for promoting and financing the creation of a pipe and hurdy-gurdy workshop in the County Council of Lugo. Their activity was very important for the recuperation of the hurdy-gurdy in Galicia. In 1954, he travelled to Madrid for working with a famous guitar maker, who taught him his technique in the use of the different tools and materials. He spent the rest of his life making pipes, hurdy-gurdies and 'freixoles', simple instruments made of boxwood and horn and other more elaborated made of lignum vitae and ivory incrustations. His effort for improving made him be one of the most important artisans and was awarded many prizes. The elaborated technique of these instruments makes them be desired by collectors and museums.