Paulino Francisco Novo Folgueira

Birth Date: 4th september 1962
Birth Place: Meira (Lugo)
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2013. Doctor’s degree in Galician Philology at the USC (cum laude).

2006. TIT presentation, USC.

2004-2005. Doctorate course in the Faculty of Philology (USC)

1986. Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (USC)

11/09/1985. He took a degree in Spanish Philology (Galician-Portuguese) at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

July 1984 - September 1985. He enjoyed a scholarship at the Institute of Galician Language (USC) at the same time he was studying Philology.

 Work & Activities


July 2009 – up to date: Responsible for education, selection and linguistic coordination at CRTVG.

August 2003 - July 2009: Responsible for education and selection at CRTVG.

April 1999 - August 2003: Coordinator and literary director at Lea and Laverde publishing houses.

September 1985 - July 2003 (he stopped during his military service from August 1989 to August 1990): linguistic adviser.

He was one of the first four linguistic advisers of CRTVG who defined the linguistic model for the media, which did not exist until then, and prepared the necessary material (specially phonetic and lexical material) for the communication professionals.



2001-2002: He was responsible for the ‘Archivo Sonoro de Galicia’ in the Consello da Cultura Galega.

1994-2008: Secretary of the Foundation of the Galician Critic Awards.

1993 – Up to date: Foundation member and executive of Galicia Empresa Foundation.

1993 – 2002: Co-adviser (with Manuel González) in linguistic matters of Enciclopedia Galega Universal, Ed. Ir Indo (Vigo)

In the first stage of the Encyclopaedia six people were in charge of elaborating the first entries.

1992-2005: Secretary of Rúa Nova Prizes (early works written in Spanish and Galician) and responsible for edition together with Xosé Victorio Nogueira.

1990-2005: He was a member of the Association of Civil Servants in favour of the Galician Linguistic Normalization and took his first business actions with Contos do Castromil and the bus labelling with names of illustrious people.

1985-2004: He collaborated in Radio Galega with several educational programmes about language and literature as well as the broadcast of cultural events.



2004. “Os insultos. Unha cala na súa expresividade”, in A lingua galega. Historia e Actualidade: Actas do I Congreso Internacional (ILGA). Ed. Consello da Cultura Galega, Instituto da Lingua Galega.

2003. Narradio. 56 historias no ar (coordinator with Ana Romaní), Ed. Xerais and Radio Galega (Vigo)

2001. Obradoiro de redacción (joint author with Xosé López), Ed. Consello da Cultura (Santiago de Compostela)

1999. Diccionario de uso para a comunicación, Ed. Xerais (Vigo)

1998. Vocabulario dos deportes (joint author with Salvador Pérez), Ed. Lea, Santiago de Compostela.

1998. Encrucillados, Ed. Lea (Santiago de Compostela)

1993. Vocabulario galego da comunicación (joint author with Francisco Campos and Xosé López), Ed. Lea (Santiago de Compostela)

1988. Vocabulario dos deportes, Ed. Consellería de Educación e Ordenación Universitaria (Santiago de Compostela)

1986. Aspectos sociolingüísticos do bilingüismo en Galicia (joint author with Henrique Monteagudo), Ed. Consellería de Educación e Cultura (Santiago de Compostela)



2002. Francisco Fernández del Riego (TV documentary)

1990. Documentalist (with Xosé Fortes) and co-scriptwriter (with Valentín Carrera) of the TV series Os viaxeiros da luz.



2001-2005. He wrote articles for the literary supplement of El Correo Gallego. Under the title of “Borboriños literarios”, he wrote about varied and curious themes about the history of universal literature.

1986 – Up to date. He publishes crosswords in Galician language. Both he and Darío Xohán Cabana were the first one who published in press puzzles in Galician language.