Miguel Ángel Fernández Ferreira

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: In 1954
Birth Place: A Coruña


He studied Law at the Open University and at the Civil Navy School. As far as his professional activity is concerned, he has been a free-lance photographer for national and foreign means. In the 90’s, he founded the studio ‘TAM TAM FOTOGRAFÍA’ for advertising and portrait. His activity has been linked to photography of opera and theatre performances in the last years.

 Work & Activities

He made photographs for institutions (City Council of A Coruña, City Council of Cambre and Consellería de Cultura), business catalogues (Balneario de Lugo, Calvo, Nordés, Suplinor….), several magazines (‘Scherzo’, ‘Ópera Actual’, ‘Centro Dramático Galego’) and for record companies.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He speaks English, French, Galician and Portuguese.