Olalla López Costas

Category: Physical anthropologist
Birth Date: In 1983
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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She took a degree in Biology at the University of Granada, where she did a M.A. in Physic and Forensic Anthropology with a research work on the Necropolis d’A Lanzada.She has been responsible for anthropology in the excavations of several necropoleis in Galicia and Portugal.
As a researcher she is on the Area of Physical Anthropology of the Universities of Granada and Santiago de Compostela, where she is developing her doctoral thesis based on the normal, pathological and diet variation of Galician populations from the Bronze Age up to the Modern Age.
The specific matter about diet with stable isotopes is being analysed together with the University of Reading (United Kingdom).
She also collaborates with the Anthropology Area of the University of Barcelona.