Noemí López Vázquez

Category: Illustrator
Birth Date: 22nd November 1974
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She has spent almost all her life in Lugo, where he studied graphic design, specialising in illustration. She also started to make illustrations for newspapers and magazines as well as children’s books, textbooks, nature books, covers, catalogues, CDs and scenography design. As an illustrator, she has participated in several speeches and workshops for promoting reading and collective exhibitions about illustration. She worked as an animation drawer after a training period at Limaía Produccións. Nowadays, she is still working in this field.

 Work & Activities

Bibliography (children’s books and books for young people):
’Podes Vir’ (Fina Casalderrey, Sotelo Blanco).
’As Porcas Porquiñas’ (X. Antonio Neira Cruz, Biblioteca Nova 33, Caixa Galicia).
’Xograr Cangas e asociados’ (X. Antonio Neira Cruz, Gálix, Xunta de Galicia).
’María está a pinta-lo mar’ (X. Antonio Neira Cruz, Xunta de Galicia).
’Olo - Iepu - Iepu’ (Paula Carballeira, Galaxia).
’Os Catro Amigos’ (Adaptation by Xoán Couto, Kalandraka, reedited for Corea).
’Adiviñas para xogar’ (Sabela Álvarez Núñez, Ir Indo).
’María está a Pintá-lo Mar’, 2nd version (X. Antonio Neira Cruz, Everest Galicia).
’Os ladróns de tixolas’ (Xosé A. Perozo, Ir Indo).
’As Porcas Porquiñas’, 2nd version (X.A. Neira Cruz, Everest Galicia).
’Érase una vez... Lugo, Pécs, Tanum, Verona’. (several authors, published by the County Council of Lugo, Pécs, Tanum and Verona for the ‘European World Heritage Project’).
'A Alfombra Falsa’ (Xavier López Rodríguez, published by Everest Galicia).
’A raposa no galiñeiro’ (Antonio Reigosa, Lugo’s Museum).
’Endrina e o Segredo do Peregrino’, new version (Concha López Narváez, Galaxia).
’A Viaxe a Compostela de Renato Ratoni’ (X. Antonio Neira Cruz, exhibition: ‘A Viaxe a Compostela de Cosme III de Medici’, Xacobeo 2004).

 Other Interesting Aspects

- Poster for San Froilán 94 (Lugo).
- Poster for San Froilán 98 (Lugo).
- Poster for Entroido 2000 (Lugo).
- Extraordinary prize 1996, Ramón Falcón Art School (Lugo).