Antonio Rivas Delgado

Pseudonym: Chito
Birth Date: 5th april 1959
Birth Place: Baños de Molgas (Ourense)

He studied Primary and Secondary Education at Padres Paúles de Os Milagres School in Baños de Molgas (Ourense) and did his military service in Madrid.

 Work & Activities

After finishing his studies and before the military service, he worked as a correspondent of La Región in Baños de Molgas.
After his military service he worked as a correspondent again until 1982. It was then that he moved to Madrid to work as a civil servant, first in the Exchequer, then in the Defence Department, Transport Department and Agriculture Department. At the moment he is working at the Local Agricultural Office of Maceda (Ourense).

He keeps on collaborating with La Región and has written about fifty books.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married and has two sons.
He has a blog  O Recanto de Barricobos.