Miguel Vila Pernas

Birth Date: In 1958
Birth Place: Havana (Cuba)

He emigrated with his parents to Cuba when she was three. He is proud of being Cuban and Galician.

 Work & Activities

He loves cooking and always tries to improve his knowledge on the history of the Galician culinary customs as well as those of other cultures. He wrote ‘A cociña do Merlín’ (2005), ‘Dicionario Galego de Gastronomía’ (1999) and ‘Caldeirada para dous (mortos)’ (2003). With the last book, he was awarded Álvaro Cunqueiro National Grastronomic Journalism Prize (2004) as the best book about Galician gastronomy. He also wrote ‘A Cociña do Pescador’, a chapter included in ‘Pesca submarina en Galicia’ by Juan Carlos Rodríguez (1997), ‘Olería Tradicional en Galicia’ (1998) and ‘Crime de Santa Cruz do Valadouro’ (2004). He collaborates with articles in El Progreso and collaborated in Radio Galega and Galician TV. He published ‘Agenda Culinaria Colineta’ in the Internet (www.colineta.blogia.com).

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing awarded him ‘Alimentos de España’ Prize in 2005 for the best informative work regarding gastronomy.