Miguel Ángel González García

Category: Priest and teacher
Birth Place: Astorga (León)
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He took a degree in Geography and History (Art) at Santiago University. He was a diocesan archivist in Astorga. He founded the Group 'Francisco de Moure' to study Art in Ourense. He is a member of the International Association of Researchers in Toledo, the Academy of Genealogy and Heraldic and Galaico Minhoto Institute. He is an honourable member of the Institute of Studies about Valdeorras. He is also the director of the Diocesan Archive of Ourense, diocesan commissioner of Art Heritage and director of 'Fontán-Sarmiento' Seminar of Galician Hagiography, Toponymy and Onomastics (Santiago de Compostela). He is the editor of the magazines 'Porta da Aira' that belongs to the group 'Francisco de Moure' and 'Catedral' that belong to the association of Friends of Ourense's Cathedral.

 Work & Activities

Together with other authors, he wrote twenty books about History and Art such as La Catedral de Ourense, in collaboration with Dr Trevelle and Dr. Penín and El Monasterio de Oseira in collaboration with Father Damián Yáñez. He published several columns of works in scientific magazines and many articles in press. He organised the international congresses about the Cistercian Order in Galicia and Portugal and several exhibitions such as 'Cruz alzada por el señor Santiago en la Dióceses de Ourense', Xacobeo 99. He published three poetry books and got several prizes. He taught Church History in the 'Divino Maestro' Theological Institute (Ourense). As a poet, he published three books and got several prizes. He took part as rapporteur and member of several Heritage Committees. He is an honourable member of the Lyceum in Ourense. He was invited to the Campus of Ourense (Vigo University) to teach Art History.