Antonio Montero Carro

Birth Date: 7th March 1948
Birth Place: San Salvador de Cecebre - Cambre (A Coruña)
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He took a three-year degree in Industrial Engineer in Vigo in 1969.

 Work & Activities

2007- January: Managing director of Pontevedra Provincial Museum.
1998- December 2006: Manager of the ‘Consello da Cultura Galega’. He was responsible for the economic, personnel and ordinary management in the activities of the Consello. Carlos Casares, Alfonso Zulueta de Haz and Ramón Villares were presidents of the ‘Consello da Cultura Galega’ during this stage, stimulating the institution by means of an effective management and objectives of great importance for Galicia. Several interesting projects were undertaken, such as the digitalization of Father Sarmiento’s whole work; the revival of the Cantigas de Santa María; the revival of files and sonorous, image and word collections; the preparation of documents for the Galician-Portuguese candidacy to the Immaterial Heritage of the UNESCO; itinerant exhibitions all around Spain and the world such as ‘Galicia América’, ‘Galicia Australia’, ‘El Padre Sarmiento’, ‘Os Segadores’ and ‘El Padre Rosendo Salvado’ and the annual publications of the Consello. The technological modernization of the Consello was carried out during these stages. The website offers news about our cultural world in a modern and attractive manner for youth. Over 13.000 thousand people visit the site that serves as an informative medium for many media, teachers and students. That’s why the portal is a reference for the audiovisual sector, for the distribution of publications in PDF format, a system that allows over 35,000 downloads, mainly used for literature and music. When he entered the Consello, there were only three people, nowadays there are 30 professionals and 17 scholars working, helped by 300 experts in different areas who indirectly work for the institution from different Galician places, which creates a first-level cultural network.
1988 - 1998. He was the research manager of Zeltia, S.A. Pharma Mar, Pharmegen, Promax, Zeldes and Inmozel were created in this stage for expanding the Galician industrial group.
1970 - 1988. He worked as a production, quality control and research technician at Cooper Zeltia S.A. Laboratories. In 1979, he was sent to Japan to work at Kyoritsu Shoji Laboratories in the creation of a vaccine produced in chick embryo fibroblasts cultivated in vitro. In 1982, after getting a new anti-rabies vaccine in BHK cell culture thanks to his research work and the AVRI (Animal Virus Research Institute) of the United Kingdom, he was commissioned by Wellcome Laboratories to train the technicians of the German Wellcome Laboratories in Hannover. That same year, he became manager director responsible for the Pharmacologic, Biologic and Industrial Chemist Production (insecticides and rat poisons), being responsible for 150 workers and 24 technicians.
1969. After finishing his degree in Industrial Engineering in Vigo, he worked with Professor Armando Priegue setting up the Centre for Metallurgic Research in Vigo, known as AIMEN. He started his work as a scholar at Cooper Zeltia Group in the Biology Department (cell culture section).

 Other Interesting Aspects

2006. The Isla Couto Family asked him to start Isla Couto Foundation. This family-natured foundation was created by the Isla Couto Brothers, providing its heritage to the civil society with the family’s historic and bibliographic legacy as well as the private collections for the community studies and development of society and the Christian world.
2000. Thanks to his effective management, A Coruña County Council acquired the writer’s house in order to establish Wenceslao Fernández Flórez Foundation as a research centre about the writer and his work. He hired services, acquired collections, organized and directed interesting events and created the web page of the foundation. The museum is said to be one of the best managed house museums and an exemplary cultural space for the rest of the house museums of Spanish writers.
1998. Wenceslao Fernández Flórez Foundation was created and one year later the Patronage was constituted. He was in the patronage as secretary and director, together with Xaime Isla Couto (president), Avelino Pousa Antelo (vice-president) and Francisco Fernández del Riego, Alfonso Zulueta de Haz and Carlos Casares Mouriño (members).
1988. He founded “Proxecta un novo Teis”, a social action group that got important achievements for the Teis district in Vigo (Cultural Centre, Rowing Club and Cyclist Club of Teis). He fought against the outdoor rubbish-packaging plant in Teis, slowing down the creation project and forcing the City Council to redefine the project and apply a clean and capsule-like system.