Maximino Rodríguez Buján

Pseudonym: Máximo Sar
Category: Lawyer, judge and publicist
Birth Date: 18th October 1922
Birth Place: Padrón (A Coruña)

He took a degree in Law at Santiago de Compostela University. From 1951 to 1985, he was a regional judge and then a county court judge in Granollers and Vilagarcía. He was promoted to Magistrate, practising first in Ciudad Real and then in Pontevedra until 1989 that he retired. On several occasions, he worked in A Estrada, Padrón, Cambados and Sanxenxo. He started to collaborate in the newspaper La Noche in 1952 and then he worked for almost all Galician newspapers: El Ideal Gallego, Faro de Vigo, Diario de Pontevedra, El Correo Gallego, etc. He practised all the journalistic genres, but mainly the humoristic article, big report, interview, painting and TV criticism, etc.

 Work & Activities

He was one of the founders of 'Ruta Fluvial Jacobea' and 'Pedrón de Ouro' Foundation. He was a member of 'Rosalía de Castro' Foundation, 'Ateneo do Ullán' Association, which created the 'Viking Party' (Romaría Vikinga) and secretary of 'Xuntanza en Dovélica'. He carried out some research works on the stay of the English squad in Vilagarcía, Laureano Salgado Rodríguez, who started the Galician hydroelectric power and the painter Pesqueira, in collaboration with Baldomero Cores. He collected information from more than 500 local newspapers from 1878 to 1914. He wrote a novel and several short narrations. Together with García Sabell, 'Borobó' and 'Roseriux', he collected mementoes of the poet Manoel Antonio.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married to Mª Teresa Rodríguez and has six children and ten grandchildren.