Maximino Fernández Queizán

Pseudonym: Maximino Keyzán
Category: Director and playwright
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He took a degree in Law and studied Drama in Madrid and London. He directed over fifty performances and teaches Performance, Art History, Aesthetics, Theatre History and Fashion History. He wrote many essays, articles, critics and plays. He directed ‘Teatro Experimental’, the theatre group of Santiago University (1960-62), ‘Teatro Universitario’ (1962), ‘Teatro de Cámara de la Academia Victoria de Vigo’ (1963-66), ‘Landirás’ University Theatre of Madrid (1965), ‘Teatro Popular Galego’ (1966), ‘Teatro Popular Keyzán’ (1967-94), ‘Centro Dramático Gallego’ (1991) and ‘Escuela de Teatro Municipal de Vigo’ (1999-2003). Besides, he also worked as a teacher at the Theatre Workshop in the Art School of Vigo (1979-81).

 Work & Activities

These are some of the most important plays he directed: El yermo de las almas, by Ramón Mª del Valle-Inclán (1965), La excepción y la regla, by Bertolt Brecht (1967), Cuento de abril, by Ramón Mª del Valle-Inclán (1970), La puerta del Paraíso, by Miguel Cobaleda (1972), Polinice, by Maximino Keyzán (1976), A raposa e as uvas, by Guilherme Figueiredo (1985), Así é, se vos parece, by Luigi Pirandello (1991) and Farsas, by Eduardo Blanco Amor (2004).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is also a lecturer, actor, reciter and publisher. He is an expert on Valle-Inclán and Blanco Amor’s theatre.