José María López Pérez


He is the president ALLER Astronomic Group. The Astronomic Observatory of Zarragrande was inaugurated in September 1993. The first observations were carried out by means of astronomic binoculars (11x80) and a 25cm-diameter telescope. In 1996, they got a new telescope (40,6), which was the most powerful one in Galicia at that time. Two magazines about amateur Astronomy are published in this observatory and every year they organise a course on Astronomy with Professors of Vigo and Santiago Universities and amateur astronomers of Aller Astronomic Group. The closing of the course takes place jointly with the celebration of the observatory, participating members of Aller Astronomic Group with the collaboration of Professor Juan Carlos Medal from the Science Museum in A Coruña. The group made a framework agreement with Vigo University and sends teacher to a course on Astrophysics, organised by Professor Ana Vulla Miguel all around Galicia. The group also sent rapporteurs to the course on Astrophysics celebrated in Ourense in 2003 and courses on Astronomy, organised by ‘Menéndez Pelayo’, Las Palmas and Santiago de Compostela Universities.