Xúlio Lago Alonso

Category: Stage manager, actor, theatre illuminator
Birth Date: 5th April 1946
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

From 1970 to 1974, he promoted and directed the theatre group 'Esperpento' in Vigo and organised the first and second Theatre Conferences in Vigo. He promoted and directed the following theatre groups: 'La Picota' (Madrid, 1974-1978), 'Mavi-Gaila' (Santiago de Compostela, 1978-1984) and 'Teatro del Atlántico' (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, 1985). He was one of the professionals that created the 'Centro Dramático Gallego' (Galician Drama Centre) in 1984 and directed the first production. He has attended several seminars: direction and interpreting with Augusto Fernández (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chéjov), María Ruiz (Macbeth), Enrique Buenaventura (Collective Creation), José Estruch (Interpreting). He is a member of the Spanish Association of Stage Managers and the Galician Association of Actors and Stage Managers. He was the president of the Professional Association of Dubbing Actors in Galicia.

 Work & Activities

He has been devoting himself to theatre for over 25 years, focussing mainly on the stage managing, directing more than 30 shows such as: - With the theatre group 'Teatro del Atlántico': Non se chora (R. Cossa); Casa de bonecas (Henrik Ibsen); A Noite das Tribades (Olev Enquist) and O Cerco de Leningrado (Sanchis Sinisterra). - For the Galician Drama Centre: A fiestra valdeira (R. Dieste); Woyseck (Buchner) and A noite vai coma un río (Cunqueiro). - With 'Teatro del Noroeste' from Viana do Castelo (Portugal): Marsal Marsal; O inimigo do pobo (H. Ibsen) and Executor 14 (Adel Hakim).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1991, he got 'Compostela' prizes to the best direction for Historia de Neera. He was finalist in the prizes awarded by the Spanish Association of Stage Managers for Tolos de amor. He got a prize for his theatre work, awarded by 'C. R. C. Xiria' in Cangas do Morrazo and 'María Casares' Prize for A noite das Tribades.