Maruja Pino Piñeiro

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 14th June 1920
Birth Place: Ponteareas (Pontevedra)

Maruja Pino is the fourth of six brothers. He studied Primary Education at 'Divina Pastora' School, which was run by Franciscan nuns. When he was ten, she started Secondary Education as an external student until the fourth year and the resit with the teachers José Pino and Mariano Piñeiro. She spent the last three years as a boarding student in a school in Vigo, which was run by Carmelite nuns. Then she finished the resit at Santiago University. In the fifth year, she studied subjects related to teaching, taking her degree shortly after. However, she had to give up her activity when her first daughter was born with a congenital heart disease.

 Work & Activities

She started to write poetry when she was fourteen. She loves history, research, biography and literature for children. She has published some books for children and there are many others that are unpublished. Her work can be found in Antología by Elisa Vázquez de Guey, 1988; Antología by E. Alvarellos, 1990; Antología de Ferrol, 1999 and Poemas á nai by Xesús López Fernández, which is an anthology in 1000 pages (As Azas do vento, Galician poem). These are some of her most important books: Todo mi sentir, Castilian, 1983; Sombras no meu lecer, Galician; Un libro y una flor, Castilian, 1997; El marinero del canero Maruxa, 1979; Datos Históricos y Turísticos de Puenteareas y el Condado, 1981; Edu y sus travesuras, 1982; La princesa de la rosa blanca, 1984; Pedro quiere un libro de animales, 1986; El Castillo de Villasobroso y su historia, 1987; Manual de buenas costumbres, 1990; El Corpus de Puenteareas y su historia, 1991 and Los Vieitez de Puga, 1996. Mondariz Balneario, Puenteareas ayer y hoy, Poemas de amor. In addition to all these narrative books, she also wrote a theatre play titled Que vamos facer co noso Manoliño.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The city council decorated her with the silver medal and the 'Corpus Christi' diploma in 1991. She got 'Fermín Bouza Brey' medal and diploma, and the diploma awarded by 'Canedo Convent'. She also got the prize of the Order of St Miguel for her literary work. She also got a medal from the ?AEC?.