Juan L. Blanco Valdés

Birth Date: 16th June 1960
Birth Place: A Estrada (Pontevedra)
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He took a degree in Hispanic and Galician-Portuguese Philology at Santiago of Compostela University. Nowadays he is an editorial technician of this University and Professor of the Spanish Language Department at the Open University in Pontevedra.

 Work & Activities

He wrote several works such as Léxico editorial castelán-galego (1993) and has collaborated in several newspapers with poems and articles related to Linguistic, Literature and Lexicography. He has translated several books and texts into Galician such as (Monxes e mosteiros na Galicia medieval, 1995 and Os viquingos en Galicia, 1997). As a great-nephew of the poet and journalist Roberto Blanco Torres and committed with the restoration of his memory, he is a joint author of several collective works about his life and work and author of the following books: Hipertensión cívica. Aproximación a la vida y la obra de Roberto Blanco Torres (1998), Roberto Blanco Torres (1999) y Roberto Blanco Torres (1891-1936). Unha fotobiografía (1999). He also wrote the poetry books Os signos, as mudanzas (2000) and Ruínas (2002). At the moment, he is preparing a poetry book in Spanish and a tale book in Galician.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been the secretary of the Santiago de Compostela University Publication Commission since 1994. He collaborated in the Galician Encyclopaedia, Ir Indo Publications. He was a member of the panel at the 17th edition of Xerais Novel Prize (2000) and patron of ‘Manuel Reimóndez Portela’ Museum in A Estrada (Pontevedra).