Martín Santos Ferrón

Category: Football player
Birth Date: 9th March 1899 (†25th March 1964)
Birth Place: Vilaxoán (Pontevedra)

When he was seventeen, he signed up for 'Alfonso XIII' FC in Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra). On 6th March 1918, King Alfonso XIII granted the club the royal title. On 26th May 1918, he made his debut against 'Vilagarcía SC' winning 'Alfonso XIII'. After doing his military service in Africa, he signed up for 'Hispanoamérica? FC (Cuba) and shortly after the Cuban national team selected him. Owing to an injury, he had to give up football and was elected trainer of 'Deportivo Centro Gallego' FC of Havana. Then he trained the Cuban national team that won the Olympic Games in Central America. Nine years later, he returned to Galicia and trained 'Club Vilagarcía' FC and the feminine hockey team. In 1940, he moved to Madrid for work, although he continued to train.