María Luisa Cancela Ramírez Arellano

Category: Writer and professor
Birth Place: Betanzos (A Coruña)
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In 1973, she took a degree in History (Art History Section) at Santiago University. In 1974, she took her minor thesis at Valladolid University and her doctoral thesis at Zaragoza University in 1991. In 1985, she was successful in a public competition to become a museum curator, starting to work a year later at the Museum of Fine Arts in Zaragoza. In 2000, she became curator of 'Pablo Serrano' Museum (Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture). She took part in many research projects, subsidized by different institutions and got grants to stay in foreign research centres such as the Spanish School of History and Archaeology in Rome (1975 and 1981) and the German Archaeologi Institute. She studied at different centres in Bonn, Berlin, Cologne, Trier, Schleswig, Munich and Mainz (1986) and at the King's College of Cambridge (1993). She is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the Academy of Fine Arts of San Luis. She directed the programme of the Museum in Calatayud and the Ceramic Museum of Zaragoza in 1991. In 1992, she directed the remodelling of the Museum in Calatayud. In 1995, she was a commissioner of the exhibition 'Goya en Ponce' in Puerto Rico. In 1996, she coordinated the exhibition 'Goya, realidad e imagen' that was celebrated in Zaragoza on the 250 anniversary of the painter's birth. In 1997, she coordinated the exhibition 'Permanencia de la memoria: Cartones para Tapices y Dibujos de Goya', which was also celebrated at the Museum in Zaragoza. In 1999, she directed the remodelling of the Fine Arts section at Zaragoza's Museum. Since 1975, she has taken part in many campaigns of archaeological excavations and has worked as Professor at the Open University in Calatayud. She also collaborates in seminars whenever she is invited to different University Centres.

 Work & Activities

She organised and directed the first, second and third courses on Museology at the Summer University of the Open University, which were celebrated at 'Monasterio de Piedra' (Zaragoza) in July 1989, July 1990 and June 1991. She wrote many scientific articles.