María del Carmen Pallares Méndez

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 1948
Birth Place: A Golada (Pontevedra)
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In 1970, she took a degree in Philosophy and Arts with an extraordinary prize. In 1977, she took a doctor's degree in History. From 1970 to 1984, she worked as assistant lecturer and was appointed to the professorship of Medieval History at Santiago University. Since 1997, she has been a Professor of Medieval History at Santiago University. She collaborated as rapporteur in some seminars in different universities and the Council of Scientific Investigations. She also took part in many national and international congresses about medieval history. She was also the main researcher of some projects financed by the Ministry of Culture and the 'Consello da Cultura Galega', mainly based on medieval archaeology and the study of sources of information in the Middle Ages.

 Work & Activities

Her most important books were all accepted by critics in the most important European and American magazines about Medieval History In 1995, he got the Research Prize, awarded by the Xunta de Galicia. The central aspect of her research work focussed on Galicia during the Middle Ages, paying special attention to the problems in the monastic world from the economic and social point of view. She also focussed on the exploration of the collective mind through behaviour before death, relationship structures and the role of women in society She wrote and collaborated in the following books: -El bajo Valle del Miño en los siglos XII e XIII. Economía agraria y estructura social (1971). -El monasterio de Sobrado: un ejemplo de protagonismo monástico en la Galicia Medieval (1979). -Galicia en la época medieval (1991). -De Galicia en la Edad Media. Sociedad, Espacio y Poder (1993). -A vida das mulleres na Galicia medieval (1100-1500) (1993). -Ilduara, una aristócrata del siglo X (1998). She also published many articles in scientific magazines and the minutes of several national and international congresses