Gabriel Xosé Eiroa Barral

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 30th November 1892 († 21st February 1935)
Birth Place: Santiago (A Coruña)

He spent all his life in his native city, where his father had a marble shop. He met Dieste, Maside, Fole, Cunqueiro, Seoane and other intellectual people and artists that encouraged him to sculpt. In addition to his marble sculptures, Eiroa also used the typical Galician materials such as granite and wood. One of the most important themes in his sculptures is the woman, mainly the woman in her role as mother. He also sculpted different figures of Christ.

 Work & Activities

Because of his early death, he could not make many sculptures. Some of the most important ar titled Rapaza, Maternidade, Nai e fillo, Muller en repouso, Campesina, Leiteira and Cabeza.