David Braña Fernández

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 Work & Activities

2001. ‘Renna Nº 0’ (Short story). Burz Cómics.
2002. ‘Black Clark’ (Unique issue). Burz Cómics.
2003. ‘Fanzine Atumoe’ (Short story).
2004. ‘Revista Sable’ (Short story).
2005. ‘La Alcorisa que se hizo villa’ (Album). City Council of Alcorisa.
2006. ‘Revista Culebra Cómics Nº 1’ (Short story). FXGràfic.
2007. ‘Revista Rip Culebra Nº 1’ (Three shorty stories). FXGràfic.

2008. ‘Dos’ (a series that will be published by Drakul).
2008. ‘Femme X’ (short stories for a new magazine of FXGràfic).
2008. ‘Law & Co.’ (unique issue that will be published by FXGràfic and Seventeen Comics).