Margarita Soto Viso

Category: Pianist and musicologist
Birth Date: 22nd March 1957
Birth Place: A Coruña


She studied Music with Jeannette Romero, María Luisa Nache, Rogelio Groba, Carlos López-García, Edith Picht-Anxenfeld and Noemí Novara. Her musical activity comprises different fields: musicology, rendition, composition, teaching and edition. She has carried out her musicological activity about Galician composers such as Marcial del Adalid, Marcial de Torres Adalid, José Baldomir, Andrés Gaos, Gregorio Baudot or Sixto Pérez. As pianist she made a duet with Antón de Santiago (baritone) and Víctor Gil (cello), among others. In 1997, she created the music publishing house 'Viso', which has published so far about forty-five titles by Luis de Mison, Santiago de Murcia, Almeida Mota, Gaspar Smith, Beethoven, Bach, Adalid, Torres Adalid, Francisco Piñeiro, Canuto Berea, Chane Eduardo Rodríguez Losada, Daniel Quintas, Paulino Pereiro, Juan Durán and E. M. Soto.

 Work & Activities

En-Re-Do (for piano), Nilal (string quartet) and several songs are some of her works. These are her most important publications: Cantares Viejos y Nuevos de Galicia, Melodies pour chant et piano by Marcial del Adalid, and some contributions at the Dictionary of the Spanish and Spanish American Music and at Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. As pianist she acted in Galicia, Madrid, Portugal and England.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is a member of the Musicology Society, the Spanish Chamera Association, the Galician Association of Composers and the International Society for Music Education. She is also Solfa and Music Theory teacher as well as piano accompanist.