Xavier Lama

Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: 12th July 1962
Birth Place: Santa Euxea - Guntín (Lugo)

He took a degree in Information Sciences at Complutense University (Madrid) and did an MA in Advertising. Nowadays, he is a journalist and presenter on Galician TV. He is also an assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities (Lugo). He published some collaborations in several Galician newspapers and from 1983 to 1988 in newspapers and magazines of Madrid (El País, Liberación, La Luna, etc.). During that period, he also worked in the radio as political commentator for fifteen newspapers through an agency on an autonomy-wide scale (Heraldo de Aragón, Diario de Navarra, La Crónica de León, Canarias 7, etc.).

 Work & Activities

These are some of the most important books he has published: Os moradores de nada (narrative) (Galaxia, 'Álvaro Cunqueiro' Narrative Prize, organised by the City Councils of Vigo and Mondoñedo); O peregrino errante que cansou ó demo (theatre), O serodio remordemento do amor (theatre), Memoria de Antígona (theatre), etc. He has also published many works on communication, theatre and literature in specialised magazines. He took part as rapporteur in the International Congresses on Galician Studies, which took place in New York, Oxford and Trier (Germany).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has got several journalistic prizes for his articles such as the International 'Aira France' Prize for new journalists; 'Galicia' Journalism Prize in 1989 to the best article of the year; 'Mirador' Prize awarded by 'Complutense' University and ' L'Oreal' Literary Journalism Prize in 1992. He has also got some literary prizes such as 'Álvaro Cunqueiro' Narrative Prize and 'Camiño de Santiago 1993' and 'Rafael Dieste' Theatre Prizes. His poetry production has also been awarded some prizes in different contests.