Serafín Marqués Gil

Category: Theologian and poet
Birth Date: 23rd July 1930
Birth Place: Outeiro de Paizás, Ramirás (Ourense)
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He studied at the Seminary of Ourense and graduated in Theology at the Pontifical University of Salamanca and Philosophy and Arts at the Complutense University (Madrid). He is a Professor in the Seminary of Ourense and teaches Religion at ‘Otero Pedrayo’ Secondary School (Ourense) and is a canon of Ourense’s Cathedral.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following poetry books:

1999. Anacos da vida (poetry)

2002. Más allá del horizonte (poetry)

2004. Ventos da terra (poetry)

2008. Luz que me llamas (poetry)

2012. Con vosotros me quedo (theatre)

2012. Una Mitra en el Monasterio (theatre)

2012. El rey Homicida (theatre)

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the first prize at ‘Virxe da Armada’ Poetry Contest (2001), the first prize at the 21st edition of 'Cidade de Ourense' Poetry Contest (2005) and Francisco de Moure Prize (14th edition)
He collaborates on several occasions in ‘La Región’.
He founded 'Amigos da Catedral de Ourense' Association.