Elisa Vázquez González

Pseudonym: Elisa Vázquez de Gey
Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 4th April 1955
Birth Place: Lugo
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She studied in Lugo and at Santiago de Compostela University. In 1980, she established herself in France to study and work. Since 1984, she has been a teacher of Secondary Education in Galicia. Nowadays, she is teaching French at a Secondary School.

 Work & Activities

Her literary activity started with poetry and literary criticism but hen she focussed on narrative. Since 1998, she has been gathering material for a novel set in Africa. These are some of her most important books: Versos sin rimmel (Torremozas, Madrid, 1986); Atentamente suya (Incipit, Madrid, 1994); Anita Delgado: Maharani de Kapurthala (Planeta de Barcelona, 1998), there are three editions of this novel in Spain and it has been translated into English and German; it is expected to come out in a pocket edition; Queimar as meigas: Galicia 50 años de poesía escrita por mujeres (Torremozos, Madrid, 1988), and El sueño de la maharaní Grijalbo (Barcelona, 2005).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In addition to her literary activity, she trains teachers of foreign languages. She has written many works on didactics, methodology and pedagogy to teach and learn languages. Together with other authors, she has written French text books for Secondary Education. She has written the method to learn French at Secondary Education Pas Pareil, Oxford University Press.