Marcial Valladares Núñez

Category: Writer
Birth Date: in 1821 (†in 1903)
Birth Place: Vilancosta - Berres - A Estrada (Pontevedra)

He studied Law in Santiago but in 1866 he moved to his native village to devote himself to literary and journalistic activities. He lived with his sister there until his death. He did not get married.

 Work & Activities

POETRY He wrote poems of customs and manners such as A miña aldea, A Fonte do Pico Sagro, Inés fiando, Quieta gesta. ¡Vaite cojo! and A castañeira en Santiago; lyrical poems such as Suidades, A... and Non vayas est' ano a Francia. He also wrote epigrams. We can mention those who begin like this: Bebendo onde eu me atopaba, Pedíndolle a un labrador, Consultou con don Alejos, Coa vinagreira na man, Indo as uvas eu a ver and Pepiño rompe un cristal. NOVEL He published Majina, ou a filla espúrea in 1880. It is a romantic novel that can be considered as he first novel of modern Galician literature although it is not totally written in Galician language. In Castilian language he wrote the novels Asela and Los tres expósitos. He also developed an important activity as grammarian and lexicographer. He wrote a Galician-Castilian Dictionary that implied an improvement on the ones before. Marcial Valladares collaborated with Machado Álvarez in his collection of enigmas and riddles (1883). He also contributed with proverbs, recipes and popular stories for the fourth volume of the work Biblioteca de Tradiciones Populares.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician Academy dedicated him ?O Día das Letras Galegas? (Day of the Galician Letters) in 1970.