Anisia Miranda Fernández

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 30th December 1932 (†22nd October 2009)
Birth Place: Habana (Cuba)

She studied Teaching and Journalism. When she was 20, she emigrated to Buenos Aires with their parents, where she joined the Galician cultural world. In 1957, she married the writer Xosé Neira Vilas and both of them founded the Galician publishing house 'Follas Novas'. In 1961, they established themselves in Cuba, where she devoted herself to journalism and coordinated the edition of books for children. She was the editor in chief of the weekly magazine 'Pioneiro'. She also founded and was the editor in chief of the magazines for children 'Zunzún' and 'Birijita'. In 1992, she moved to Galicia with her husband. She is the vice-president of 'Xosé Neira Vilas' Foundation and speaks and writes both in Castilian and Galician languages.

 Work & Activities

She has published the following books in Castilian: Esta es Cuba, hermano, Becados, La primera aventura, Los cuentos del Compay Grillo, Vietnam y tú, Mitos y leyendas de la antigua Grecia, Cuando Che era Ernestito, La casa de los títeres, Las vacaciones de Lidia, La casa nueva de mis abuelos, Treinta días en Vietnam and some others. In Galician language she published: Pardela amiga, Cantarolas, Os contos do Compay Grilo, A primeira aventura, A casa dos títeres, A volta do Compay Grilo AND Mitos e lendas da vella Grecia. Part of her work was translated into Galician and Slovak.

 Other Interesting Aspects

As a writer, she only uses her first surname, signing her books as Anisia Miranda. She got several prizes for her literature for children and young people. In 1975, she travelled to Vietnam, where she was granted the Order of the Friendship.