Julio Padilla Carballada

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 30th January 1950
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He took a degree in Law and is colonel of the Juridical-Military Corps (leave). He is a member of the Bar in Lugo and Madrid. He has been a county councillor in Lugo during the last three legislatures. During the sixth legislature, he was the president of the Justice Committee. In the seventh, the present-day legislature, he is the president of Social Policy and Employment Committee. He was a member of the CGPJ (judges' governing board). He is a member of the Galician Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, the executive committee of the political party 'Partido Popular de Galicia', the national board of directors of the 'Partido Popular' and president of the Committee of Rights and Guarantees for the 'Partido Popular de Galicia'.

 Work & Activities

Especial Penal Legislation, colex, 1988.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Address in Galicia: Cardenal 19-1º 27400 - Monforte de Lemos Lugo