María Camiño Noia Campos

Category: Writer and professor
Birth Date: In 1945
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela

She is a Professor of Galician Language and Literature at the University of Vigo. She studied at the University of Santiago de Compostela, where she presented the first minor thesis in Galician language: ‘Nova narrativa galega’ (1968). Her doctoral thesis dealt with bilingualism of Galician schoolchildren, which was awarded a prize in the County Council of Pontevedra. In addition to the academic work, María Camiño Noia collaborated in different fronts of linguistic standardization in Galicia. She collaborated as a teacher in many courses on Galician language and was a pioneer in the elaboration of didactic material such as ‘Lúa Nova IV’ (1980), ‘Lingua’ (1985) first manual of Galician language for pre-university studies, and ‘Diccionario de sinónimos da lingua galega’ (1997) that she coordinated with Xosé Mª Gómez Clemente and Pedro Benavente for Galaxia. In 1978 she founded ‘Edicións Xerais de Galicia’ with Xulián Maure and Germán Sánchez and was the first secretary of the board of directors. She directed the University College of Vigo and, being dean in the Faculty of Philology at the University of Vigo, she organised the Translation and Interpretation studies. In 1995, with other members of the Association of Galician Translators, she founded ‘Viceversa. Revista Galega de Tradución’.


 Work & Activities

Her research activity is presented in several magazines such as ‘Grial’, ‘Verba’, ‘Festa da palabra silenciada’, ‘Boletín galego de Literatura’, ‘Anuario de Estudios literarios Galegos’, ‘Viceversa’, ‘Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares’ and in the proceedings of different conferences. His research works focus on Galician language and literature, mainly those themes related to the new Galician narrative, feminism, history of translation and Galician oral narrative.

These are her most outstanding works: the edition of ‘Néveda’ by Francisca Herrera (1982), ‘A nova narrativa galega’ (1992), ‘Palabra de muller’ (1992), ‘Historia da tradución galega’ (2004), ‘Contos galegos de tradición oral’ (2002) and the text of the Galician writers in the collective works: ‘Women Writers of Spain’ (New York, 1986) and ‘Double Minorities of Spain’ (New York, 1994). In 1989 she inaugurated the Chair of Galician Studies in New York with a course on the New Galician Narrative. In the last ten years, she participated in several postgraduate courses at the University of Buenos Aires about Galician Literature and the Oral Galician Heritage. She also has a research programme for the typology of stories of oral tradition in Galician language.