Ramón Temes Sánchez

Birth Date: 15th June 1936
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

-Primary and Secondary Education at Maristas School in Vigo until 1953.
-Dean of Revalida School in Santiago.
-Three years of Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela.
-Three-year degree in Industrial Technical Engineering in Vigo (1961).
-Postgraduate course in England (two years) and work practise at The Associated Electrical Industries in Rugby (England).
-General coordinator of the construction and starting of the power station in Mata for FECSA in Barcelona (1964-1965).
-General coordinator for the construction and starting of the power station in Caletillas (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) for UNELCO (1965-1967).
-Sales manager of the General Electric Company Ltd. in London for Southern Europe (1967-1968).
-Sales manager of the English Electric Company in Venezuela (Caracas) (1968-1969).
-President and managing director of the Anglo Argentine General Electric Company in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with over 800 employees (1970-1972).
-President and director general of Otis Elevator Company Ltd. in Buenos Aires - Argentina with over 2500 employees (1972-1978).
-Honourable member of the Argentinean Fleet.
-Director General of Pratti Vazquez Iglesias, an Argentinean national company with about four thousand workers producing Fruehauf trailers and semi-trailers, containers, Firestone tyres and many other products related to the car industry in Lanus, Buenos Aires - Argentina (1979-1980).
-President and managing director of the American company Applied Power International Spain in Madrid 1981-1987.
-Founder of Temes Asociados (consulting firm).
-Founder, president and director general of A.Y.C. (machinery hiring) in Madrid (1991-1993).
-Founder, president and managing director of AlquiMadrid (machinery hiring) in Madrid until he retired.

 Work & Activities
 Other Interesting Aspects


He speaks several languages fluently and teaches English.



He plays several instruments and composed a lot of songs and made arrangements for choirs. He founded the 'Tuna' of the College of Industry Experts in Vigo and sang in several choral societies. Nowayds, he sings in the Camerata Dirdam in El Molar (Madrid)


He paintsin oils and has carried out exhibitions in Argentina and Spain.


He has been writing poems since he was a child. Some of them have come out in the social network and he is preparing a compilation that will be published soon.