José Luis Barreiro Barreiro

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 6th June 1939
Birth Place: Dúas Igrexas (Forcarey, Pontevedra)
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He studied Humanities and Philosophy in Santiago, Salamanca, Rome and Madrid. He took his doctor's degree 'Santo Tomás' (Rome) and 'Complutense' (Madrid) Universities and was a Professor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy at Santiago University. From 1986 to 1995, he filled the office of dean in the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. Since 1972, he has been a Professor of Philosophy History in the Faculty of Philosophy.

 Work & Activities

His investigating curriculum is based on four different lines or stages that show, from the beginning, both the presence and his worry about thought, culture and problems of Galicia: a)- In the first stage, he includes more than six published works and two doctoral thesis; b)-In the second stage, he includes several writings and works as well as studies on different authors such as S. Kierkegaard, L. Wittgensteins, O. Lois Amado, Xosé Vicente Viqueira, H. Marcuse, Ramón de la Sagra, J. Ferrater Mora, Enzo Paci and Ockham. In this same line he coordinated the volume O pensamento galego na Historia. Aproximación crítica (1990, 1992); c)- Romantic and idealistic stage. In this stage he mainly tries to pick up the work written by Indalecio Armesto Cobián (Pontevedra, 1837-1890), who was a politician, journalist, essayist, philosopher and freemason. Some articles, a monograph and the reissue of his work 'Discusiones sobre la Metafísica' (Pontevedra, 1878, Santiago, 1991) contribute to recall Indalecio Armesto Cobián; d)- The last stage is the so-called 'erudite stage', where he deals with works by Sarmiento, Feijóo, V. do Seixo, Jacobi, Lessing, Gómez Pereira... He has given several specialized courses on Illustration, Censorship, Modernity and Postmodernity related, at a certain extent, with the following research projects: 'Europa en Galicia: Pensamento autóctono, pensamento esóxeno', 'Da Galicia ilustrada á Galicia contemporánea', 'Censura e Ilustración en Galicia no marco europeo do século XVIII' and 'Ilustración, censura y modernidad en el contexto de los siglos XVIII-XIX'. As a result of these projects, he wrote the following books in collaboration with other writers: Sonos e soños da razón (1997, 1999), Censura e Ilustración (1997) and Modernidad e Ilustración. Los avatares de la razón. He has organised and collaborated in many conferences, symposia and weeks devoted to Philosophy. He has also directed several minor and doctoral thesis. Now, he is directing projects of thesis about Teixeira de Pascoaes, Eloi Luís André, H. Bergson, G. Santayana, José Marinho, M. Foucault, S. Kierkegaard...

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the president of the Area of Philosophical Thought in the Seminary of Galician Studies, director of several editorial collections, member of the editorial staff of several magazines and member of some philosophy societies and associations. Now, he is preparing a monograph titled 'Pensar en Europa', in collaboration with Professors of Philosophy from Santiago and Minho (Braga) Universities.