Carmen Sotelo Vázquez

Category: Actress
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)
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After studying Secondary Education and GCE A-level studies at ‘Lucía de Medrano’ Secondary School in Salamanca (1983-1987), he graduated in Agronomy Engineering, specialising in Horticulture and Gardening in Lugo (1993). He attended many courses such as the Second Galician Conference on Expression and Art (theatre section) (Lugo, 1991), ‘Cunqueiro y la literatura fantástica’, Universidad Internacional del Atlántico, Poio – Pontevedra (1991), ‘A literatura do exilio galego en América’, Universidade Internacional do Atlántico, Poio - Pontevedra (1992) and ‘Producción de Vídeo’ (script, camera and edition) (Lugo, 1994-1995). She also attended clases on modelling public relations and protocol, as well as making-up, hairdressing and interpretation at ‘Catania’ Design and Model Agency and ‘Top Management’ Model Agency (1997) and interpretation with Matilde Blanco (A Coruña, 1998). Nowadays, she is attending the Third Course on Theatre Expression and Theory at CasaHamlet Theatre Studio in A Coruña with Professors Manuel Lourenzo, Santiago Fernández, Paulo Serantes, Pablo Rodríguez and Carlos Vizcaíno (in the first course). Besides, she attended the seminar ‘Seminario de Escrita Teatral’ at CasaHamlet with Manuel Lourenzo (A Coruña, February-June 2003 and November-July 2003-2004) and the course ‘A técnica do actor’ (A Coruña, August 2003). She also studied solfa and piano for two years at the Music Conservatoire of Lugo (1983 and 1984) and the courses ‘Propagación Vexetal’, Escola Polytechnical School of Lugo - Santiago de Compostela University (1990), ‘A Fertilización na Agricultura Galega’, Santiago de Compostela University – Summer course, Vilalba – Lugo (1993) and ‘Iniciación á Perruquería’, Lugo (1996). She was also a member of the choir of ‘Manuel Mato Vizoso’, Vilalba – Lugo (1979-1980) and teacher of out-of-school activities (Drawing and Computer Science) at ‘Pintor Camarón’ School in Segorbe - Castellón (2001).

 Work & Activities

She wrote the play ‘La mano verde’ and directed and performed it at ‘Manuel Mato Vizoso’ School in Vilalba (1982). She was also a member of ‘Frayluc’ Theatre Group in Salamanca (1985-1987) and participated in the film ‘El rey del río’ by M. Gutiérrez Aragón (Lugo, 1994). She practised script, image, postproduction and recording live and off-voice in the course ‘Producción de Vídeo’ (Lugo, 1994-1995) and was a catwalk and hairdresser’s section (fashion show for the local TV in Salamanca), show-rooms, 1997-1999, characterization model for theatre and cinema, Gala Alcántara. Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones, Salamanca (1998) and for the programme ‘Desde Galicia para el mundo’ on Spanish TV in the section ‘Moda: diseño de origen gallego’, Lugo (1999). She has participated in the TV serials ‘Terra de Miranda’, ‘Pratos Combinados’ and ‘As leis de Celavella’ (2002-2004), in the shorts ‘Motion’ (‘A Fraga Maldita’ Productions, A Coruña, 2002), in CasaHamlet, (A Coruña, April 2003) and ‘Pitido Final’, Image and Sound School (A Coruña, 2003), a performance for CasaHamlet Theatre Company (A Coruña, 2003), ‘Forum Metropolitano’, (A Coruña, June 2003), a documentary about Amalia Rodrigues (a Portuguese singer) for Galician TV (2003), in the short ‘Zeltia’, Image and Sound School (A Coruña, 2004) and ‘Aulas Abertas de CasaHamlet’, (A Coruña, 2004). Besides, she published the monologue ‘Longa noite de agonía’ in the theatre magazine ‘CasaHamlet’, nº 6 (A Coruña, May 2004), made dramatized reading ‘María Castaña (Drama histórico en verso)’ in the role of ‘María Castaña’, CasaHamlet (A Coruña, 2004) and special extras with sentences in several episodes of the serial ‘A miña sogra e máis eu’, 2004.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She speaks Spanish, Galician, English, French and Italian and has knowledge of computer science. More information about Carmen Sotelo in the web pages of the AADTEG ( and the AVG – El Soportal del Audiovisual Gallego- (