Manuel Julio Reigosa Martí

Category: Professor
Birth Date: In 1941
Birth Place: Arante, Ribadeo (Lugo)

After studying Secondary Education in Lugo, he graduated in Santiago de Compostela.

 Work & Activities

He teaches Spanish Language and Literature at As Mercedes Secondary School.
He is the author of the following research works: “Historia de la moneda nacional”, “Literatura con riesgo de carácter científico en las obras de Julio Verne”, “Villabad no tuvo Abad pero sí Abadía”, “La Toponimia de Castroverde” and two obituaries.
He attended over twenty courses and three conferences on Spanish Language.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Teaching literary knowledge was always his ambition.
He has a small library with some reference books, quite a few reading ones and lots of notes about language and literature.
He loves Lugo, where he is living at the moment. Every stage in the history of a city has its charm, value and beauty that make it different from the other; it is just like human life, every stage in life has its charm.
He lives in Lugo in a street dedicated to Eugenio Montero Ríos, Spanish politician and jurist, author of “Memoria sobre el origen y relaciones de la Economía Política” and founder of ‘La Opinión Pública’.