Manuel Garrido Pérez

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1973
Birth Place: Freixo - Sarreaus (Ourense)


He was keen on painting since he was a child. While he was studying Secondary Education in Xinzo de Limia, he studied Drawing at the Technical School of Verín with José Corral Díaz for two years. In 1998, he took a degree in Fine Arts in Pontevedra and one year later, he began to teach Drawing in a Secondary School up to the moment. He attended many individual and collective exhibitions and was awarded prizes in different contests. He also decorates masks of ‘peliqueiros’ and ‘cigarróns’ for Carnival.

 Work & Activities

-1992: Cultural Centre, Sarreaus (Ourense).
-1993: Cultural Centre, Xinzo de Limia (Ourense).

-1994: ‘Expresionem Apertam’, Ourense’s Museum.
-1996: Galerie de Wégimont, Belgium.
-1998: ‘Escuela Taller’, Silleda (Pontevedra) and ‘Kalkomanías’, Faculty of Fine Arts (Pontevedra).
-1999: ‘Dez Diferencias’, Teatro Principal (Pontevedra) and ‘Universo’ Cafè (Pontevedra).
-2002: ‘A terra e o Mar’, posters made under the directions of Alfonso Costa, ‘Virxe do Mar’ Secondary School, Noia (A Coruña).