Lázaro Duyos Jordán

Category: Actor and puppeteer
Birth Date: In 1967
Birth Place: Remedio (Cuba)
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He studied at the National Puppet Theatre of Cuba and improved his studies attending courses on puppeteering and drama with Armando Morales (director of the National Puppet Theatre of Cuba), a course on puppet theatre with Roberto Espina and Héctor Di Mauro and training on the glove puppet technique with the puppeteer Yang Fai. In 2002, he also attended a summer course organised by the UNIMA.
As far as his labour experience is concerned, he made his début in 1983 at ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ Puppet Theatre, where he stayed until 1987. It was then that he entered the National Puppet Theatre of Cuba, where he participated in sixteen performances and seven international tours as an actor and puppeteer. In 1995, he created ‘TÍTERES CASCANUECES’, a puppet project with which he participated in the Book Fair of Guadalajara (Mexico, 1996). Two years later, he moved to Galicia, where he established ‘TÍTERES CASCANUECES’ head office. From 1997 to 2003, the company created the puppet theatre repertoire, mainly dedicated to children, although there are also plays for adults:
-‘Un cuento viejo vuelto a contar’ (Children).
-‘Redoblante y Meñique’ (Children).
-‘A rúa das fantasmas’ (Children).
-‘Ikú & Elegguá’ (Children).
-‘La República del Caballo Muerto’ (Adults).
-‘O astrólogo, María e a pócema marabillosa’ (Children).
-‘Fausto’ (Adults).

 Work & Activities

1989: Tour all around Italy, Murgia Festival, San Miniato and Salerno.
1990: CIPADE Festival, Lima (Peru).
1992: First Itinerant Theatre Biennial for children (Venezuela).
1993: Tour all around Venezuela. Second Latin American Theatre and Puppet Festival for children (Argentina).
1994: First International Theatre Workshop (Matanzas - Cuba); Seventh International Monologue Festival.
1995: Eigth Monologue Festival (La Havana).
1996: Book Fair, Guadalajara (Mexico).
1997: International Exhibition (Ribadavia).
1999: International Festival (Santiago de Compostela).
2000: International Puppet Festival (Santiago, Lugo and Pontevedra).
2001: International Puppet Festival (Lugo).
2002: Galicreques 2002 and Theatre Exhibition (Cee – A Coruña).
2003: Puppet Exhibition (Oviedo).
2004. GALICREQUES Festival (Lugo).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the prize for new artists, awarded by the UNIMA at the International Festival of Santiago de Cuba (1990) and UNEAC Prize at the Seventh International Monologue Festival (La Havana, 1994). He also got a honourable mention of ‘Hermanos Sáiz’ Association in the Forum UNEAC (F.B.C.) and a mention to the artistic direction at UNEAC Children’s Theatre Contest (1990).