Manuel Curiel Fernández

Pseudonym: 'Travelling' e 'Mafalda'
Birth Date: 10th May 1948
Birth Place: A Fonsagrada (Lugo)
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He studied Secondary Education in Lugo and Santiago. In 1967, he gave up his studies and emigrated to Barcelona. He entered the firm ‘Seguros Galicia’, where he stayed for thirty-five years. Together with some friends he founded ‘Masnou’ Cinema Club in Hospitalet de Llobregat with weekly projections in the old cinema ‘Tívoli’ and began his collection of sound tracks. In 1971, he returned to Galicia and collaborated in ‘La Coruña’ Cinema Club. After a stay in Pontevedra he moved to Lugo, where he entered the board of directors of ‘Fonmiñá’ Photocinematographic Group as responsible for the cinema section. He directed the twenty-four editions of the International Cinema Week of Lugo. He collaborates in the newspapers ‘El Progreso’ and ‘La Voz de Galicia’, the radio stations ‘Radio Lugo’ and ‘Radio Voz’ and the magazines ‘Lugo Cultural’ and ‘Entremuros’. He directed and presented the programme ‘Central Cinema’ in Telelugo and collaborated in other publications. He was the cinematographic adviser in the City Council of Lugo and nowadays he fills this office in the bank firm ‘Caixa Galicia’. He founded and organised ‘cinema weeks’ in many villages and homages to Anxel Fole, Carlos Velo, Charles Chaplin, Marx Brothers and Einstein. He celebrated lectures and talks related to cinema in several Galician cities. He also collaborated in the production of the old Amateur Cinema Festival of the ‘Circulo de las Artes’ (Lugo). Nowadays he is working in the publication of the book Un Lugo de película about everything related to cinema in Lugo. He goes on programming cinema seasons with talks and debates for several institutions.

 Work & Activities

He founded ‘Imaxe’ Group in Lugo and produced three films that were awarded prizes in several amateur cinema festivasl celebrated in Spain: Carta a un niño que no va a nacer, O Espantallo and Lugo ayer y hoy.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He devoted himself to cinema thanks to Cosme Iglesias Trevín, who run the cinema (‘Gran Cinema’) in A Fonsagrada and almost all the cinemas in the province of Lugo. He worked in ‘Gran Cinema’ as a cameraman and usher, so the could watch any film every time he wanted.